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FAQ – NBEETV Android TV Boxes Questions and Answers

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What is an NBEETV Android TV Box?

NBEETV Android TV Box is basically a mini PC that runs Android operating system. It has KODI that allows you to stream movies, series, channels, sports, etc for free.

What is KODI?

Kodi is an open source media player application that gives you the power to stream media from internet in your TV.

What content can I stream from KODI?

You can watch virtually anything that is shown on TV around the world. Every Movie, Every TV Show, Every Season, Every Episode plus LIVE SPORTS< LIVE NEWS, cartoons and adult shows.

What comes pre-installed on Android TV boxes?

All the boxes that we retail comes with KODI pre-installed. Allowing you to stream thousands of Free movies, TV shows and live TV plus Live sports and various adult programming.

What internet speed do I need to run an Android TV Box?

For the best streaming quality you we recommend a minimum of 5 mb for LQ Streams (380p) 10 mb for MQ Streams (460p) and for HQ (720p) content you will need minimum 15mb speed.

What Video formats does Android boxes support?

NBEETV Android TV Boxes support: MPEG1/2/4: Up to 1920*1080; H.264: Up to 1920*1080; VC-1/WMV; Up to 1920*1080; Realvideo 8/9/10; up to 1280*720, including dat, avi, mpg, mkv, rm, rmvb, ts, vob, m2ts, mp4 suffixes etc.

What is the best remote control for any Android TV Box?

All NBEETV Android boxes come supplied with the best remote for your unit.

Do I need to pay any TV subscription to use an Android TV Box? Are there any extra costs involved?

You just pay for the box, no subscriptions. that’s it! You can cancel your TV subscription if you want. ( you just need internet)

Do I need high speed broadband?

YES, you will have to have a stable internet source or a dedicated hot spot.

Can it use a WI/FI connection?

YES, You can connect your box either via ethernet or by wifi.

Can I get Cartoon Network or any other children’s channels for my son?

Yes, there are lots of kids channels on it…

Does this work if I take to Portugal and plug in? Would I get UK and US TV channels over the internet?

Yes you would. Anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Do NBEETV Android Boxes work overseas?

Yes. Anywhere with internet connection.

Is it possible to Web Surf with Android TV Box?

Yes. You will find a button in the main menu for a  web browser. Very useful feature.

Can I have an Android TV Box and a Cable box plugged into the same TV?

Yes, they are both HDMI. Select the HDMI input via your TV remote.

Does this have recent films on?

Yes all new and old films are on the box, its fantastic.

How do i know if this will work on my TV?

If your TV has an HDMI port it will work just fine.

Is Android Box legal to use?

Yes, it is open source programming as long as you do not download any content.

Do you need to have a subscription to have the movies, sports and adult?

No you don’t. It’s all available Via the KODI application.